Little Guests

Little Guests Policies

Our ethos is kind and thoughtful. Childcare that is integrated into the Wedding / Event. We strive to maintain the highest levels of care for the children, our Nannies, the family, venue staff and the Venue.

We follow a common sense approach, please speak to us with any concerns you may have.

Please take the time to read through our policies, this is not an exhaustive list and is regularly updated.

Little Guests fosters a ‘culture of safety’ in which the children and staff are protected from

abuse, harm, and distress. We therefore have clear policies that are understood and adhered to by everyone: staff, children and parents.

Abiding by the terms of Little Guests policies ensure that we all:

  • Protect children from harm and abuse
  • Protect staff
  • Help staff remain focused on the care of children
  • Work in an open and transparent environment.


We work to Ofsted standards, our ratio as determined by Ofsted should be higher than a day nursery because the children do not know us.

The children attending and their ages are confirmed three weeks before the Wedding / event, our ratio will be correct for this. Please do not add in extra children on the day without asking, we adhere to Ofsted ratio and will not put the children or staff in a position that care is compromised.


The Nannies will hold a minimum level 2 qualification in childcare. We put the onus on experience, only experienced Nannies will care for the child/ren in a sole charge position.

Nannies are also DBS checked, reference checked (min 2 checks), career history and gaps checked. There will also always be a pediatrically first aided Nanny at the Creche’s.

Nanny Safety and Security

The Nanny will text Little Guests Head Office on leaving the venue. Additionally the Nanny will also check in with their designated person on arriving home, and are required to share location until arriving home.

Please ensure a basic level of comfort for the Nanny, when babysitting we require somewhere to sit comfortably and a light.

Please ensure the Nannies safety at all times.

If you are going to be later than agreed, please check in with the Nanny to confirm is will be ok.

Baby Monitors

We do not use Baby monitors. It is impossible to rely on them working when we work in different venues.

The Nanny must have the correct ratio of children, even when the children are asleep.

In a venue we are based either in the room / bathroom / sitting room with the child/ren or if we deem it safe, on the landing just outside the room.

In a private home we can discuss where the Nanny is based on arrival, please ensure the Nanny can lock the doors and has the key.

Please confirm to the Nanny how often you would like the child/ren checked on.

Working Hours

Domestic employee’s, including Nannies are exempt from the measures concerning working hours but are entitled to a 20 minute break every 6 hours.

Our Mother’s helps require 30 minutes every 4.5 hours.

A Nanny working alone should be offered regular comfort breaks.


The Nanny will require information to do her job effectively

We will only forward information that is necessary to carry out the job.

Alcohol, smoking, vaping.

Alcohol, smoking or vaping are not permitted in the Creche room.

Unfortunately we have had incidents of Guests being inebriated and as a consequence, the behaviour has been unpleasant, thus causing a safeguarding issue for the children and Nannies. 
With the children’s safeguarding being our top priority at all times as well as keeping our Little Guests Team safe too, I have spoken with a few venues and couples about how to navigate this sensitively and calmly to defuse the situation quickly and efficiently.
To manage this, we require the details of a member of the Wedding party, who can be our first point of contact in this instance. We will also require  a contact from the venue as a backup to assist. 
It is a requirement for the door to the creche to be locked, this in some venues is not always possible, but we must at least have the door closed, and as few people as possible  that are not directly involved with the children passing through as it upsets Little Guests who may be happily settled. It would be helpful if this is something you / wedding coordinators could help to mention to Guests. 
With this in mind could you send a name and number of a member of your Wedding party and the Venue coordinator to put on our risk assessment please.

Fire Evacuation

Should we need to evacuate the building, rest assured we will know where our the nearest fire exit is and the meet point. It may be different to yours. Please meet us outside at the meet point. We need to keep all the children together and safe to ensure they are all out of the building.

We cannot look after the Children in the same room as the parents / family
We put safety first. Having the childcare in the same room as parents / guardians / family would put a grey area on who is responsible for the children.


We do not provide the food and therefore cannot take responsibility for the food provided.

We will check dietary requirements on the Identity forms and we will double check with the parents / guardians on drop off.

Any concerns please double check with the food provider.

We recommend you inform the food provider in writing and verbally of any allergies / intolerances your child/ren has.


We ask that the venue provide water and cups for the children. We also bring a water decanter and paper cups.

Other Drinks

We request that sugary drinks are not provided. Parents have differing views and children have differing tolerances to sugar.

If children require a different drink, please provide your own named flask.

Food storage

Please ensure that milk / food provided is stored at the correct temperature.

Soft Play

If you have additional activities booked please inform Little Guests before the event day so we can assess the risk.

We do not provide soft play because of the risk level, we are not insured for it. Please ensure you have your own insurance.

We do not take any responsibility for any injuries, accidents or issues that may occur on activities or with toys and equipment that we have not provided.

Face Painting

If the children have face paint on and the slumber party is booked, we add a £40 fee for dry cleaning of the cloud beds.

Cloud Beds

They are extremely comfy for a lie down, but we ask that only Little Guests use them. They will be asked to remove shoes. No eating or drinking on the beds.

Arts and Crafts

The Arts and Crafts are mess free as far as possible.

We will check the ages of the children attending to ensure they are age appropriate, where possible we will zone the room to ensure all ages can use their own age appropriate activities.

Contact during the creche
We give out little ‘Hello’ cards with our contact details on, so we/you can be contacted at any time. The creche is overstaffed so we can always pop out and find a parent / carer if the signal is poor. Please pop your phone on the table in front of you on silent during the Wedding Breakfast, so we can discreetly contact you.

Can the children leave the Creche on their own ?
No. We have a sign in / out register on the day, with a list of designated adults as confirmed by the parent / guardian – children can be signed in and out as many times as you need.

This is imperative for the children’s safety. We will have the list with us in case of fire evacuation.

Going in to the Creche when it is in session
We request that you knock and wait for the door to be opened by a Member of the Little Guests Team. We need to ensure the door is clear before opening it.

It can upset otherwise settled children if the door is continually opened and closed.

Working with different ages of children and children who do not know us.

Primarily by being overstaffed compared to a day nursery, we are able to notice and act quickly before a child becomes upset, by being overstaffed we are very effective at being a step ahead.

We have different ages of children within one space, we will zone the areas where possible, so the children have the opportunity to enjoy age appropriate activities, we also tailor the staff and equipment to the children attending and the space we are given.

Please inform us beforehand if your child will not know anyone so we are prepared for them, and as much information as you can share on each child really helps on the day.

In addition to our Nanny ratio of qualified and highly experienced staff we offer a Mother’s help, usually at College / work placement studying towards an early years or teaching qualification. This ensures we have a high staff to child/ren ratio and offer one to one care when it is required.

Because they are not fully trained, they will never be left alone with the children.

Room size

We ask that you check the designated room for the children for the following indoor space requirements as set by Ofsted.

Children up to 2 years old : 3.5m2 per child

Children under 2 to 3 years old : 2.5m2 per child

Children aged 3 to 7 years : 2.3m2 per child

Children’s mobile phones / devices

We request that children do not have a device with access to the internet or camera during the Creche for the privacy of the other children attending.

Creche Mobile

We have a Creche mobile phone designated to use for the Creche. It will be used for contact with parents / guardians.

We also use it to take photo’s of the children in the Creche for the parents / guardians / couple and occasionally Little Guests social media.

If you would prefer that your child does not have photo’s taken, please inform Little Guests.

Visitor’s to the Creche use of mobile phones

In the interest of safeguarding we ask all parents and visitors not to use their phones or other mobile

devices on club premises. If a parent would like to have a photograph of their child involved in an activity or at play, they can ask a member of staff to take one using the creche camera.

What if a child won’t settle ?
Wedding days are tough for children, with a change in routine and lots of built up excitement it can be unsettling. We give out Hello cards with our contact details and we have Parents / carers contact details on our sign in forms. We are guided by Parents / Carers on when to contact them. If we can’t get in contact on the phone, then we are overstaffed and one of the Nannies will go and find the parent. We very often find children are hungry on arrival and eating redresses the balance to happy children – we discuss food and timings with you.

Clothing and personal property

All clothing and personal property brought to the Wedding should be marked clearly with the child’s name. We cannot take responsibility for items that are not named.

We will have an area in the creche for the items of clothing, personal items and crafts the children have made during the Creche. Please check the area before leaving.

Anything left in the creche after we have packed away will be left at the venue for collection.

All parents / guardian’s should provide the following where appropriate :

  • Nappies
  • Wet wipes
  • Extra set of clothing
  • P’j’s if booked for the slumber party
  • Snacks
  • Water bottle (we will also bring water and disposable cups)
  • Comforters

Alcohol consumption for children

We have a no alcohol for children policy in the Creche.

Managing Children’s needs if parent / guardian arrive to collect them while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs.

If a parent / guardian appears to be drunk or clearly under the influence of drugs (prescription or illegal) and it is apparent that she/he are too incapacitated to take care of the child, the Little Guests Team must not release the child from his/her care and do the following ;

  1. Contact the other designated people on the identity form that they gave permission to collect the child.
  2. In the case of not being able to contact the designated people, The Little Guests Team are to contact the Police

Ofsted advise that the Nannies duty and responsibility is to prevent the child from being harmed. The Nanny must ensure the child’s safeguarding and must not release the child from his/her care. This is not the same as removing the child from their parents which must not be done.


Harassment of our staff is not tolerated, venue management will be informed and if necessary the police will be called.

Damage by Guests to Little Guests equipment

The cost of any damaged equipment whether intentionally, accidentally and / or whilst under the influence will be chargeable to the person who booked the creche.

Medical policy

It is important that a child is not brought in to nursery if they are suffering from or showing symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting, fever over 38’c, any doubtful rash, discharge from the eyes, ear and nose, head lice or if the child is feeling unwell. All parents will be notified if a child has been present who has an infectious disease. If a child becomes ill whilst at nursery the parents will be notified immediately and the child should be collected as soon as possible to avoid distress and to prevent any infection spreading. Medication can be administered in the creche only with a written consent from the parents (see medication form). Only the key worker or the person in charge will administer this. Medication will only be accepted if it is in the original container and not out of date. If your child needs medication that requires technical/medical knowledge, this will be discussed.

Duty of Care

We have a duty of care to each child, with this in mind we need to ask questions of legitimate interest. Please give as much information as required to ensure the wellbeing of the child, for example but not an exhaustive list ;

*daily routine

*family traditions

*children’s interests

*additional needs / requirements

Families bringing their own Nanny

The Nanny must read and comply with our Nanny policies while in the Little Guests creche.

They must inform the creche manager if they are leaving the room to take their charges to the loo.

We have a strict no alcohol policy for Nannies before work and during.