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Little Guest's Wedding Creche

Please click the links below to view Terms and Conditions and GDPR. Please carefully read through these before completing the form below.

  • I understand that the babysitter cannot be held responsible for any items including but not inclusive of; clothing, bags, toys or mobile phones that are lost or left behind. We ask that parents take all belongings on collection.
  • Parents/Carers are required to bring the following items where appropriate;    
    * Disposable nappies, wet wipes & nappy sacks. Spare clothes etc. 
    * If your child is in the process of being toilet trained please inform staff.
    * When sunny, a named sun hat and sun cream must be applied before crèche. 
  • If a child appears to be ill, the babysitter has the right to refuse admission. Parents/Carers must use their discretion in these matters, bearing in mind that stomach bugs or other infections, illnesses etc spread rapidly in a nursery environment, putting both children and staff at risk from infection. 
  • Please note soiled clothing will be returned to you in a plastic bag as we do not have facilities for washing / sluicing.
  • Photos are taken during the Creche for the Bride and Groom, and Little Guests may also use the images for Marketing purposes. If you would prefer we do not use any images of your child please inform the Creche Manager. 
  • We do not provide the food. Please check with the venue who has supplied the food and whether or not it is ok for your child to eat. We cannot take responsibility for food we have not prepared.  If your child has any dietary requirements please inform us.

Little Guest’s record, process and keep personal information about you and your child in accordance with article 6 of the GDPR. We are required to hold the following information about you and your child/ren:

  • Personal details required by the statutory frameworks and Ofsted
  • Contractual details including attendance registers
  • Emergency details including your contact details and records of your child’s health and care needs
  • Safeguarding and child protection records

This requirement applies to information we collect in relation to:

  • Online data processing
  • Paper data processing
  • Whatsapp and Text Messages
  • We use Whatsapp to send messages to you and therefore we may keep a copy of your mobile phone number in our phonebook to allow us to send you information.

It is essential for you to inform the babysitter if you are leaving the venue and who will be responsible for them in your absence. 

Identity Form