Little Guests


We will work with you, our client, to ensure we are fair, transparent and have reasonable reason to hold your data.

As per GDPR please only give us the information you are happy for us to hold.
Your information will be stored on locked devices and can only be accessed by myself, Sarah Atkins.
Legitimate Interest -We will need to give the Babysitter the following information to allow them to do their job effectively and to provide the high quality service we always have ;
*Your Name
*Your Address
*Your telephone number
*Your child/ren’s name
​*Your child/ren’s age
*Any relevant information ie. food allergies / medication
At anytime you wish we will delete your data.
We do use photos taken at our own Creche’s but only with permission from parents and the child. If the child does not want their picture taken we will respect their right to choose.
Photos are used to show the Bride and Groom and will be accessed on our social media platforms.
We can delete these at any time should you wish.