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To increase understanding of Autism in the Early Years I booked the ‘Understanding Autism’ Course for the whole Little Guests Team

Aims of the Training

1) To increase understanding of Autism in the Early Years
2) To develop knowledge of effective strategies
3) To increase the confidence of staff to make small changes

Routine and Change

Change is all about processing the unfamiliar and determining what will stay the same and what will be different.
It requires prediction, understanding, planning, shifting attention and focusing appropriately.

Wedding Day

For many children routine is key to their day, and moving it can cause upset.
A wedding day is very different to a child’s usual day, times they must sit and be still, noise and groups of people can feel overwhelming, a constant hub bub, no real space to play, meals at unusual times can all be distressing.
Our care is calm, we seek to
create space to play.

We’d love to hear from you;
• What soothes them ?
• Is there anything we / you can bring to help ? Visual cues ?
• What are their interests?
• Are there ‘time out’ cues?
• Can we help to increase the structure / predictability?
• Do they prefer solitary play / parallel play / other ?
• Would you like our ‘hello’ book with photo’s of the creche and what will happen and when?

Complete the identity form

Please complete this form about your child’s additional needs and/or requirements

Kimberly Turnbull | Autism / CNN | Team

I booked the ‘Understanding Autism’ Course for the whole Little Guests Team, so we can better understand and have
more tools to help a child navigate the day. It’s been really insightful and so many helpful tips.
However when it comes right down to it, every child is so individual. It’s the people closest to them who can help us the most. The parents and family are the experts so we really want to hear from you.
We are just a snapshot in a child’s life, we want that snapshot to be bright and happy with good memories attached.

With our setting being a social environment with new people, we want to help make successful interactions, helping navigate the subtle social rules that determine the play and development of relationships within the setting. 
We’ll be on hand to explain in advance any changes that will happen eg. Creche changing over to the slumber party transition, have photo cues for our arts and crafts with clear finish points, or build alone time and space when required, the Little Guests tents are perfect for this.

One of our Little Guests tents,
perfect space for a quiet play.

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