Little Guests

About little guests

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I’m Sarah and I’ll be with you from our first communication. No need to repeat anything, you’ll only speak with me (that’s my USP!) 
I’m really passionate about ensuring your wedding day is just as you envisage. I’ll bring the calm, with straightforward and pragmatic advice.

I love my job!! With the best of both worlds, office based chatting to couples, parents and grandparents. And time with the children at weddings.
I want every child to leave with happy memories of their day, with Nannies who played and crafted with them in a warm, calm and friendly environment that felt unpressurised and inclusive. 

I want parents to enjoy every aspect of the day with family pictures to treasure and memories of feeling reassured by our experienced, professional, first aided, kind and thoughtful team. 

To have had the time to finish a conversation, eaten a meal unrushed,  to have sat back and really listened to the speeches, TO HAVE DANCED !!

It may have been a while since they have had adult time and we want it to feel special. 

A gift even. 

It’s very often the first time parents have left their child and it’s so important to the Little Guests Team and I that it’s a positive one.

I want family and friends to enjoy the children but without the pressure and responsibility of watching over them. 

We’ll do that and their routine will be our responsibility too. Feeds, sleeps, changes. Leave it to us.

I understand children’s limitations and I am here to advise and work with you to ensure they aren’t pushed to their limitations. 

I want Little Guests to be the perfect solution and experience for everyone.

Qualified team

I’m passionate about creating a calm space for your Little Guests, with time out from the hub bub of the Wedding to refresh, play and create. Childcare that is fresh, fun and less boxed in.
We provide qualified and experienced carers in a ratio that exceeds the requirements outlined by Ofsted to ensure that the children are safe and receive the best in care and attention.